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My many networks…how it all ties together!

I have been building on this post since May 1st. The purpose of this reflection was to see how many networks I am involved with on a daily basis. I am trying to figure out if any of this are “tied” together or what are the bridges between any two social circles.

MACT network was interesting as I realized over the past three weeks that I have a lot of ties that lead outside the “box” –

MACT student and I have a mutual friend (Mutual friend is outside of Mact so she is a weak tie)

MACT student has a tie with my father. The University of Albert is what we have in common. (MACT student is a weak tie)

MACT Denise-Mact Cohort 2012-Mact Cohort 2010 two students (both also connected to my work network)

Mact student and I have a mutual friend in the “triathlon network”

This ties into Kadushin’s small world concept.  It was interesting to see how many networks went outside the MACT “box”.

Citizen Panel: Two ties to MACT, one tie to work networks

Friends (several social circles)

Work network has a weak tie to my friend network.

Work Friends

Sports (1/2 Marathon Race, Triathlon, Crossfit group)



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