Random thoughts on networks and communications from a MACT student

Anonymous: No leaders???

Anonymous: From Lulz to Collective Action

While going through this article, I was wondering about authority.  Anonymous is not supposed to have any “authority” figures but is this possible?  This goes back to Kadushin when he mentions that evenually “informal leaders” are created in groups.  I think there are leaders in any group. 

 Another interesting article is Why Anonymous will never be able to take down the power grid which argues against a Wall Street Journal article which reported that “government officials believed that the hacktivist group Anonymous might in a couple of years time acquire the capability to take down the power grid”.

Another similiar article is  Arrests Sow Mistrust Inside a Clan of Hackers 

 The article is based on “The Real Sabu” (informant for federal law enforcement authorities).  He used Twitter to boast, and encourage his followers to take part in “computer attacks against private companies and government agencies worldwide.”


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